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Okay let’s get started, as you can tell from the title, today we will discuss what you need in your “Natural hair”* bag in order to get that fluffy healthy hair you desire.
While transitioning I bought so many products which I found beneficial and others I did not even know what I was doing with them. If you are a beginner, or somebody that is lost with all the products needed**, keep on reading.

Equipment’s required:

Wide tooth comb
The Wide tooth comb is required for the utmost detangling task.    I would recommend this comb to everybody with hair. Especially the pink comb, I’m not sure why I love the pink detangling comb so much, maybe it’s because of the handle, but there is something about it (I have it in Green). One thing for sure is I am never going back to another comb.

Spray bottle
The Next thing on this list is the spray bottle, for people with very coarse hair like mine; you know that detangling your hair is a NIGHTMARE without a spray bottle. This softens the hair and allows you to work easily. I usually just fill my spray bottle with water, add in a few essentials oils, spritz my hair a little bit with the content in the bottle and I Detangle away.. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Two-Three oils
By now you should know the benefits of applying oils to your hair; it helps moisturise, combating dryness and prevents breakage. The three oils that I would recommend are Coconut oil (Read the facts and opinions section to find out the benefit of coconut oil), Olive oil – easily penetrate the hair and light weight, so great for all hair types and Jamaican Black Castor oil – for fullness and to regrow back your edges. You can use any oil that you like, as long as you oil to help lock in moisture. I also use these oils to do the LOC method (Blog coming soon).

Deep conditioner & Leave in conditioner
These two are necessary for your hair, in my opinion to achieve healthy hair you need to keep moisture in your hair. Afro hair is very dry and this is an excellent way of combatting this dryness. Use a deep conditioner with heat, preferably a warm towel and leave in your hair for at least one hour – you may leave it in longer if you wish to, just make sure you wash it out; I use the Mega Growth Deep Conditioner for my hair – but sometimes I do a protein treatment and I make my own leave in conditioner. I use the Cantu Shea butter Leave in conditioner for my leave in treatment, this is great for your twist outs and for adding moisture. I sometimes mix in my coconut oil for extra shine.
* Note* there are many other brands of leave in conditioners that work for you, it is just all about experimenting and finding the right fit for your hair.

Shampoo and conditioner
Shampoo and conditioner is a must for ALL hair types.
Shampoo helps to remove any clog up and dirt that’s in the hair, while conditioner cleans the hair also, but keeps the hair moisturised. I shampoo my hair once a month with Treseme Naturals. I use Treseme conditioner every week to pre-poo my hair. I do this because my hair is very dry and shampoo strips away the little oils which I have in my hair. Use shampoo and conditioner as best suited to your hair.

Satin Scarf & Bobby Pins (Optional)
Satin scarf is required to keep your hair in place at night, it is good to prevent breakage, and I also use it when I am deep conditioning (helps in trapping in heat). Bobby pin is an optional choice, many people would say stay away from this, but if you use it right and in-excessively it will not break off your hair. You can you use bobby pin to style your hair and to help secure that wig- Wink wink; this wind got nothing on me.

Tooth Brush & Gel – for those edges baby
 I would recommend gel as part of a starter pack because it really does make a difference; it helps in making that hair style look cute in my opinion. You can use it to do your twist out or the hairstyle you desire. Personally I use Gel for my edges; I use a toothbrush designated to my hair to lather on the gel and smooth down those baby hairs – Can you say baby hair on FLEEK!
Please note Gel is optional, you do not have to use it if you don’t want to, and I just like it because it makes my hair looks nice. Like everything else, use in moderation.

* This can also be used by a relaxed person
**Please note these are the products that I used while I was transitioning, note what works for me may not work for you, my type might be different from use, so follow each instruction with caution

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