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Today on “Spotlight on you” the spotlight goes to Efrata, who shares her hair story with us.
Efrata writes…

 “Hi I'm Efrata and I'm a new blogger. I went through a rough patch a few years ago which is why I actually went natural.  I was out of a job and couldn't afford to spend money on the touch up.  When I got a new job in 2013 I cut off all my relaxed hair and I've been creamy crack free ever since.  Moisturizing and sealing has worked wonders for my hair.  I usually wash my hair once every two weeks, deep condition and then use a thick cream moisturizer (like Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie) to condition and seal it with Argan or Jojoba oil.”


Thank you for e-mailing me. I like the way you said creamy crack free!
It’s good that you’ve been moisturizing your hair; your Afro hair needs a lot of moisture which comes from Water and other moisturizers.

I know you say you wash your hair every two weeks but I hope you are applying water into your hair at least once every two days if not every day. Water is good for your hair as it provides a lot of moisture, so QUENCH your hair's thirst; you can then seal this moisture in with your favorite oil and moisturizer for extra shine and breakage prevention. Also make sure you drink up plenty of water, not only is it good for your hair, it is also good for your body

Moisture hack:
Add water and oils into a spray bottle and spray this into your hair and cut your moisturizing time short.


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