Thank you for following me on this journey.

As previously mentioned in the “get to know me” section I decided to create this blog website not because I am a professional at natural hair, but because I would like to:
  1. Document my hair journey – I believe this will allow me to achieve my ultimate goal of having a natural beautiful healthy hair
  2. Share what I have learned from doing serious research on hair and other hair related posts
  3. Share my tips and tricks
  4. Learn new things and new ways of improving my hair and overall health and well-being
  5. Last but not least encourage someone in starting or continuing on with the “healthy hair, healthy me” journey.

So how did my journey begin?

It all began when I started  University – this seems to be a very important time in my life I know LOL.

Anyways so I remember getting my hair done - I got my hair relaxed and cut  like I normally do, but what was different this time was that I wanted my hair to be very relax (I have very coarse hair, so my hair does not relax properly)  and I left it on extra long.. the result was a DISASTER; can somebody say NO EDGES, THIN HAIR, Bone straight hair with 0 volume?
Yep that was me I was that girl.
As a result of this I was traumatized, I went from that girl that had 100% confident in her natural hair to 0 confident. I hated my hair, I wanted to hide it, I always wanted my weave (Don’t get me wrong I love my weave) – but I became dependent on hair extensions. As a result of this I decided no more relaxers (YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY).

So you turned natural?

Not just yet.. well you see I didn’t know how to take care of my Afro hair. I would wash it with just conditioner and then sometimes I would apply moisturizer into it – I am pretty sure I  did this for about a year or so.
It got to a stage where I was like all my Caucasian friends don’t mess with their hair that’s why it grew with length and volume, so I decided to wash my hair ALL THE TIME and I stopped moisturizing – don’t do this, you’ll dry the heck out of your hair.
I did not really notice the damage I was doing (because I was not looking- girl I just wanted my edges back). I don’t know how or even when but one day I stumbled upon natural hair videos and I would admire their hair but GURL I was not ready for all that work, I could not be bothered.

Then one day I was watching this youtuber (UloveMegz) and she was talking about the Jamaican Black Castor oil and its benefits, so I jumped on the bandwagon and decided to try it out.. and I have never regretted that decision. Since that day I have slowly started to pay more attention to my hair.. I am in no way, shape or form perfect, I still make mistakes but the fact that I am trying is good enough.

So after two years of being natural (one year of doing the "right" thing), I cut all my relaxed ends off in May 2015. I can proudly say I am now 100% natural!! #Teamnatural baby, no? okay I won't do that again lol.

Now my fellow Natural Sistas and Brodas that is how my journey began and where I am as of now. So tell me your natural hair journey, did you do the big chop, did you transition like me or are you still confused about the whole thing?

Picture taken on 26 September 2015

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