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Hi guys, Thank you for joining me again on my blog and for those of you who are new to this blog, welcome!  Today’s Blog is not hair related, but it is beauty related and I think it will be worth your while reading this blog.

As you know I am a part time student and a full time employee and I am also a blogger? I think I can call myself that now. So you may wonder how I had the time to read a book.
Well I like reading eBooks because it is kind of like an escape from my hectic life schedule.

So what is this book about?

The book is called “Traces of me” by Tracy kiss; the book is more suited to the older audience (18+). From reading this book, I feel like it challenged the way we see beauty in today’s society and how love and relationship is dealt with. To be honest when I first heard about this book I thought it was going to be another sappy love story, I was expecting the cliché girl meets boy, girl falls in love but she finds his flaws and she finds it hard to accept and eventually she falls in love with him type of story.

Though the book centers around an adult relationship, the thing I found most interesting about this book is it is about a love story with a twist e.g. surgery, accepting your inner beauty and finding love – this books deals with MODERN day issues and relationships.

The story begins with a lady called April, who is approaching her 30th birthday; from the very start of the book we see her searching for love as she waits for Shaun, a seemingly nice guy who want to take care of her as evident in his gesture of getting her a beautiful birthday present.  My first impression of this girl is she is quite shy, quite, easily ignored, a plain Jane who I believe is overlooked by society, and tries numerous things to change this “ugly duckling” perception of her as the story progresses.

I believe this book is very realistic and reasonable to this day and age because April is not the most confident girl in the world and does not love herself the way she should. She only sees the bad things never the good in herself, she tries to changes this by wearing more and more makeup and of course you guessed it getting plastic surgery (boob job).  Which is something a lot of girls struggle with in this day and age especially with the big influence of social media; girls are forced to change their appearance in order to please a guy or society.

The interesting thing in this book is Shaun, the date we were introduced to at the start of the book tries to help her see who she really is, however she continues to change herself which causes a problem as he does not like it. As a result of this, a dilemma is created as Shaun was not happy with the person she was becoming – he wanted her to love herself for who she is rather to be someone she is not but at the same time April is not happy being the “ugly duckling” of society and she tries to revamp her self-image.

As the story goes on, we see her meeting another guy called Jay, who instead falls for this revamped April, You will have to read the book to find out how that turned out…
Though this book took me a while to read (due to my hectic life) I still understood the purpose and story line.

I was astonished by the key message in this book;  the book teaches you to love yourselves for you and other important life lessons such as dealing with relationships, and that even the plain Janes of the world can and Will find love.

The book is very relatable, there were parts of it as I read on that I felt related to my life and I believe a lot more people can relate to this. I would honestly advice you to put it on your to read list! Check the book out to find out how it ends and make sure to check out the Author as well as she put a lot of thought into writing the book.

I would rate this book a five out of five!

Thank you for reading this blog, till next time!

Stay beautiful!

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