Hi my Lovelies, Welcome to another blog with straight to curly
How are you?  I am sorry for being away for so long. I have been SUPER busy.. I can't even begin to describe how busy I was and still am!
So today is just a quick hair update.

So since my last blog I have been really busy, as previously mentioned; but it wasn't just my blog that I neglected, I dropped everything and focused on my career ( I was only new, trying to balance everything was still a bit difficult.. Still is sometimes).

Anyways I started neglecting everything including all my hair rules that I preached and picked up really bad ones (OMG no why? What? You hypocrite). I got really busy and you have to remember we are all human, we all go through ups and downs, but the best medicine for a down period is getting back into action, coming back better than I was before and that is what I plan to do, but first let me tell you how I neglected my hair and what happened….
So how did your edges leave you?

1. I wore really tight Bobby bins in my head in the same spot every single day for three to four months I believe- it got to an extent that they would start to hurt/give me headaches and I would yank them out – Rule number one of natural hair, NEVER mistreat your hair.

2. I got acrylic nails for the first time and I didn't know how to deal with them so when it got to sleeping at night I just pulled my booby pins out like there was no tomorrow, which of course took a lot of my edges off with it

3. I was sleeping with no hairnet, scarves and I was not deep conditioning or even oiling my hair – my hair got so dry and brittle, my hair started to shed everywhere L

I completely neglected my hair.. By the 3rd/4th month I started noticing changes in the fullness of my hair and length – I had two bald spots at the front of my head. I was devastated and immediately what I had been doing for those couple of months hit me like a ton of bricks and I was really upset.

As a result of this, I have to tweak my hair care routine a little bit, I need to focus a lot more on my edges- because girl them edges though, can I get an edge implant anyone? I’m joking guys, but seriously the race is one. I am now on a journey to re-gain my edges and I hope you can come on this journey with me!! My blogs will now be focused more towards getting those edges back.

In relation to posting I will try to make a blog post once every month. I do have exams coming up so it is getting very busy again for me, but guys I won't neglect you like I did previously.

Till next time

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