Hi guys welcome back to my blog, today we are going to talk about my new hair-do. So I was sent hair by Hothair to review and let me tell you that I love love this hair!

·         Hair Specs:
·         Name: Brianna ¾ Wig by Hothair     
·         Colour: it is. Colour black in person but on the website it is called “Ebony R2”
·         Fibre: High Quality Synthetic that looks and feels completely natural.
·         Clip Type: Half wig hairpiece with long combs & mini crocodile clips that secure to your own hair.
·         Length: 25" from the crown of the head.
·         Nape: 17"

This picture was taken from

Description on the website “Briana is a ¾ wig with long gentle yet glamorous waves through the ends, this ultra-long style is perfect for glamour- puss look”.

The description on the website is very true; Briana is a very long life like synthetic hair that does NOT budge once the combs are inserted into your head properly. I love the hair because it is a great protective style and it is very quick to do especially those times when you're running to the grocery store or when you're going to college or even work and you need a very quick hairstyle. It is a very versatile hair and an be used for almost any occasion.

The hair is now available on sale on the website for £49 ( Normal price £69) so hurry up and grab yours!!

Shipping and packaging:

 The hair comes packed in a white box with a white lid, with the company's name on it (see picture above). The hair is wrapped in a hair net and carefully tucked in the box. on the side of the box is the name and the colour of the hair which you ordered.

The hair got to Ireland from the UK within 4 days, so the shipping was fairly quick.

How I styled the hair:

Okay so I completed this hair style in 3 simple steps

Step 1

I Carried out my normal hair routine. Click here to view my normal hair routine if you haven't already done that. So after doing those steps I put my hair up in a pony using an elastic band/bobbins. I then slick my hair down with my  Eco styler gel ( I love love this gel).

Step 2

I tie my silk scarf around my head to get my hair to lay completely flat and of course I pulled out those baby hairs .I left the scarf on for 10 minutes and then I proceeded to do my makeup.

Step 3

After doing my makeup I took the scarf off and I placed the hair piece on my head ( this is actually a half wig but I wear it as a hair piece- either way is fine), ensuring that the clips and combs are secure and in place – see hair specs above  and pictures below for reference.

That is how I got this very quick and easy hairstyle in three simple steps. If you want a half wig/ hair piece like this, Make sure to check out their website and give them a shout on Twitter @Hothair_online.


See more pictures of the hair below

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Till next time!

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Please note this is How I do My hair,what works for me might not work for you. Play around with the hair and style it in a way suitable for you.

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