“Hi AdeRonke my name is Kemi. I just discovered your blog and I want to share my story.
So I have been natural for quite a while now and I am thinking of relaxing my hair. My hair has never been long, and it is very very soft so it breaks off easily. I would like to relax my hair because I am tired of my leave out’s not blending in with my extensions. Yes I do straighten my hair, but my hair stays straight for like five minutes and then it’s a big puff ball again.”

My Response

Hi Kemi welcome to my channel, I understand your struggle, I had times like that when I wanted to relax my hair because my leave out was not working with my hair extensions. However I figures out a number a things which I now do, which of course cut down the number of times I want to throw a relaxer in my hair and take the easy route out. Below are a number of suggested solutions/alternatives to help solve your problem:

  • Leave your leave out in a protective style at night while you sleep e.g. bantu knot or two strand twist, so you don’t have to straighten your hair as much in the mornings and also to prolong your hair style
  • Change your hair extensions to something that has the same texture as your hair type
  • Switch and use some sort of closure (e.g lace or silk base closure)  in order to minimise or even cut out the amount of leave out you have- I use a lace closure and it blends very well!
  • You could also try the invisible sew in – make sure you get someone who knows what they are doing to do this for you

And in relation to a relaxer, I don’t think a relaxer should be a way to manage your hair, their other alternatives but whichever one you choose make sure you do your research e.g. health implications and do what is best for you!.

Thank you for reading,

Till next time, stay beautiful!

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I am not a professional, please follow any instructions carefully and do not dismiss the word of your doctor when it comes to trying new things. Stay safe folks!

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